Twisted CNC Repair was founded in 2021 by Joe Christensen in Gilberts, Illinois.

With extensive overseas factory training, 8+ years working for OEMS, and 16+ years of industry experience, Joe delivers innovative solutions that reduce downtime and increase productivity of a facility’s CNC equipment. With a focus on customer service, Twisted CNC Machine is your best choice in the industry.  After leaving the industry for a year and going to work on high voltage powers lines, his passion for machine tools brought him back to the industry.  Instead of going to work for an OEM, Joe decided to open Twisted CNC Repair so he can care for customers equipment without the restrictions of a corporate culture.

What We Do

Utilizing our immense factory training, extensive industry experience, and the latest in equipment, we provide the standard in troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance and much more for your machine tools.  We strive to provide industry leading customer service to large corporations with multiple machines, all the way down the small business owner with 1 piece of equipment.

Who We Serve

Twisted CNC Repair has a strong reputation and proven track record for providing the highest quality components, parts, and services for the medical, transportation, oil & gas, military, defense, tool & die, mold making, job shops, aerospace, and any other industry that uses CNC equipment.

Our Equipment

Twisted CNC Repair invests in the latest equipment and technology to provide our customers with the highest quality components, parts, and services. Our facility is equipped with precision test bars, PWM9, ATC alignment tools, precision ground granite square, clamp force guage, precision digital levels and a kinemtic tooling ball to meet the challenges of our customers.

Why Choose Twisted CNC Repair?

Twisted CNC Repair delivers bottom-line results of customers. When you work with us you can always expect

  • Open communication and collaboration throughout the project
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions designed to increase productivity and reduce downtime
  • A profound dedication to exceeding customer expectations
  • A close and personal interaction with people who know and understand the demands of the industry

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Our single-minded goal is to deliver the products, services and solutions that help you be better at what you do.